Paolo -cristina

Our names are Paolo and Cristina, and we are a couple who love travelling, books, music and good food... but our greatest passion is Africa. Our love for this land – often complex and contradictory, but always incredibly rich in surprises – our friendship for its people with their simple and genuine nature, our desire to escape from clichés and learn to appreciate the simple things in life once more... all this has led us to build our future on the magnificent island of Zanzibar. Our collaborators are: Francis, Hassan and Amina, who create wonderful cocktails and manage the bar service; Sabina, Aly and Rama, the chefs to whom we owe the success of our restaurant; Shawal our tour guide during tours; Wahida and Siaba, who keep Mamamapambo in order with their capable hands and Khamis, our gardener; Kheri and Hayani, who is in charge of night management.